20150814_154034Personnel risks faced by companies are growing on a regular basis.   Mistakes made in the workplace or risks stemming from the workplace can damage the company’s reputation/brand and cost the company a lot of money. As many companies face an increasing number of employment and/or personnel related claims, clear personnel processes are vital. (more…)

Flag_of_South_Korea_(cropped)Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission ( ACRC) recently published its annual report setting forth its major accomplishments for 2015.  Though the ACRC was established in 2008, it has recently become very proactive in its measures to fight corruption in Korea.  (more…)

Flag_of_South_Korea_(cropped)South Korea and Corruption- A Renewed Focus On Corporate Compliance

Currently, Park Guen Hye’s administration is caught up in a potential bribery scandal involving alleged pay outs to several of President Park’s top aides as well as other politicians connected with the ruling party.  (more…)

Do You Comply With The FCPA?---  South Korea has recently updated its anti-corruption laws in an effort to become compliant with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention passed last year.  The new updates close loopholes that allowed public officials to accept expensive gifts without threat of criminal prosecution.  (more…)

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