A leading expert in the areas of compliance, legal risk management and international litigation.

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Facing Antitrust Concerns
Providing wide ranging advice on all aspects of antitrust matters including investigations, international cartels, merger review, abuse of dominance and unfair trade practices.
Preparing You For Threats
Assisting companies by offering crisis management training, crisis management preparation as well as crisis management audits. Also advise in house law departments on the role of legal in a crisis management situation.
Avoiding Potential Risks
Providing best-practice advice and counseling on all aspects of legal risk management as well as advice on managing legal risk through insurance and mitigation mechanisms.
Selecting The Right Team
We assist in the selection and management of outside counsel in different jurisdictions and the management of related legal costs and fees as well as management of the legal process.


Bryan E. Hopkins was Special Counsel at Lee & Ko, one of Korea’s largest and most distinguished law firms. He is also the former General Council of Samsung Electronics America.
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My History

Entry Into Law
Graduated from Florida State University, College of Law, while also being admitted to the Florida State Bar.
Putting In The Work
Vice President and General Counsel at Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a position he held for over ten years. While there he managed major domestic and international legal activities including retail related issues, antitrust litigation, compliance, class action defense and transactional matters.

Closing Cases
As Special Counsel at Lee & Ko Bryan Hopkins worked in Lee & Ko’s Antitrust and Competition Practice Group, advising clients on Korean regulatory issues, especially as it concerns the KFTC and other Korean agencies.

What Others Are Saying

  • Pamela Day
    General CounselNational Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company

    Bryan and I shared similar roles and responsibilities as leaders of our respective US Samsung operating unit legal departments. Though at different units, Bryan was always willing to work collaboratively with me to further overall company interests, particularly to share best practices.

  • Jonathan Waters
    Assistant Vice PresidentAssistant General Counsel at The Hartford

    Bryan’s experience, knowledge and managerial skills make him a great General Counsel. Bryan is able to quickly assess a situation or issue and begin the process of addressing it. 

  • Luis M. O’Naghten
    ArbitratorPartner at Baker & McKenzie (International Arbitration)

    It was always a pleasure to work with Bryan as he was very involved in each and every matter. He worked diligently to get me the necessary information and was active in both devising the strategy for a case as well as in preparing pleadings and witnesses.

  • Jay Reynolds
    EVP Service SolutionsPluslux LLC

    Brain is a consummate professional with great work ethic and winning personality. I am confident he would a great asset to any firm in need of an experienced and accomplished general council.


Published author Bryan Hopkins unfolds the nuances of the risk management practice while dealing with the issues, concerns and solutions that might arise.
Legal Risk Management For In-House Counsel and Managers
A Managers Guide To Legal And Corporate Risk Management
Bryan E. Hopkins fleshes out the complex problems of corporate risk management that is an essential practice for all companies in the world today. Find out all the concerns, issues and solutions to providing pro-active protection for your company in his new book.
Agreements, Forms and Checklists for Risk Managers
A Companion to Legal Risk Management For In-House Counsel and Managers
Agreements, Forms and Checklists for Risk Managers shows readers how to make the right decisions in today’s complex and hostile business environment.

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