About Bryan

Bryan E Hopkins is an international lawyer specializing in compliance, legal risk
management and international crisis management. With more than twenty -five years
experience as in house counsel to major multinationals as well as seven years experience
as Special Counsel at Lee & Ko ( Korea’s second largest law firm) he brings a wealth of
experience and knowledge to the major international legal and compliance related matters
he works on.
Recently a law professor at Sejong University in Seoul, Korea where he taught commercial law, risk management and international negotiations, Mr. Hopkins frequently lectures on legal risk management, compliance and litigation management. He has written numerous articles for newspapers and journals and has authored three books on the topic of risk management:
Legal Risk Management For In-House Counsel and Managers: 
A Managers Guide To
Legal And Corporate Risk Management
Agreements, Forms and Checklists for Risk Managers:
A Companion to Legal Risk Management For In-House Counsel and Managers
The Art of Legal Risk Management:
A Guide to Managing Legal and Corporate Risk
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