Control Your Day Or Your Day Will Control You

December 2, 2021

I am sitting at my desk thinking about the day ahead.  Now that I am retired, there is no longer the mad scramble to get ready for work nor the worries that accompany working at a law firm or corporation.  It really is how to plan a worthwhile day without having to stay busy handling other peoples’ problems or day-to-day corporate issues.

I notice that many people have Youtube channels talking about retirement or where to live outside of the US.  A common theme seems to be living or traveling outside of the US after retirement.  I have lived outside of the US for many years- in South Korea to be exact. Though living in another country may have its charms…such as not worrying about US taxation too much (you still have to file your US tax return if you are a US citizen)  people in other societies such as Korea still have the same wants, needs, and issues as those in the US.  So, if you plan to live in a different country, remember things may not change as much as you think except for perhaps the cost of living.

In essence, wherever you retire, coming up with a game plan for retirement is important.  Some structure is needed, whether it is spending more time with your spouse, working on different projects, or starting a new company. Exercise becomes more important as you get older so coming up with an exercise plan is important too.  If you don’t create your day, your day may control you.  You may just start reacting to events instead of creating events.  I think it's all about perspective. My advice for anyone who is thinking about retirement is to think about what it will be like once you stop working for a company or organization.  What will you do or not do?  How will you spend your time?

Covid has really given us time to think about our lives and what we will do after retirement.  Many people may have taken early retirement because of Covid. Some may have decided to complete their bucket list before it’s too late.  Or even start giving back to society instead of working.  For those of you who want to retire, I suggest spending time thinking about how to structure your day and accomplish your dreams.  For those of you still working- what are your goals and aspirations?  How will you accomplish them?  Think about creating your day.  Be proactive, not reactive.

Remember, don’t let your day control you.  Control your day.

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