Musings on Retirement- Change Is Everywhere!

May 24, 2021

It’s my day off. Though I am retiring soon I am taking a few days off here and there to take care of personal business before I depart the workplace. Of course they now have more work for me to do prior to my leaving. Well today they have to find someone else. I am always amazed that when I take a day off I am hit with work requests and when I am in the office…not so much. Ha-ha!

Having the day off also allows me to look around and contemplate my surroundings. I am not distracted and can be more present or mindful. I think it’s a good idea for those in the workplace to take a day off now and then and just look around. Everyone should ask questions and consider their current environment.

I am looking at Itaewon while sipping a cup of coffee. Yes..I am at a coffee shop in the Itaewon district of Seoul. Things are changing fast. Covid has really cause havoc. Many shops are closed. The bars and restaurants catering to the expat community are slowly closing or scaling back. The neighborhood known for its international focus is changing. It’s becoming more of a younger Korean focused area. I see buildings going up with no tenants and expat bars and shops closing. Times are changing.

Change happens in all of our lives. The old neighborhood may not be what it was. The city itself may be changing. And of course the country. We all have to ask ourselves if we are willing to change as well. For me of course, retirement will bring change. A change in my surroundings a change in lifestyle and a change in my perspective on life. I think everyone should realize that change is really constant. Embrace change or suffer the consequences. People get to caught up in the regular day to day tasks that they have that they don’t look around and notice how their environment is really changing.

For those in the workplace, take a look around. What changes do you see happening? Are you ready for change or not? Are you taking steps to stay relevant in today’s ultra-fast changing world? Are your skills still relevant or do they need upgrading? Like it or not, AI, VR and the blockchain will change how we work as well as what jobs and services are still relevant. If you run a company, are your products and services still relevant or do you need to change your product mix or even your business model? What about your internal compliance processes or your risk management processes? The forces causing change in today’s society will not stop. So it is up to everyone to understand change and adapt.

The only thing constant in life besides death and taxes happens to be change.

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