We offer coaching services to lawyers and legal managers. By focusing on leadership development, goal setting, and strategic planning we help those in the legal profession, whether in-house or at law firms to reach their career goals. Whether it is to become a GC/CLO, partner, manager of a law department or as a legal risk manager, we offer lawyers and legal managers a step-by-step process to set objectives in order to reach their full potential and accomplish their career goals.

International litigation management involves the selection and management of outside counsel in  different jurisdictions and the management of related legal costs and fees  as well as management of the legal process, whether litigation, mediation or arbitration. Only through proper pre-litigation and management strategies, are companies and in-house law departments able to make efficient and timely use of outside legal services.

We assist in-house counsel and companies in the selection of outside counsel, a review of litigation management processes, a review of the case to determine the best jurisdiction for litigation or for a review of all defenses, drafting of RFPs to send to outside counsel and advice on all aspects of international litigation.

We also provide litigation management audits to assess the company’s ability to select , retain and manage outside counsel in various jurisdictions including management of outside legal fees. Our goal is to help corporations select and manage the right outside counsel.

Crisis management is a multidisciplinary approach to preparing organizations for major threats and helping them respond on a short term and long term basis.

We assist companies by offering crisis management training, crisis management preparation as well as crisis management audits.  We also advise in house law departments on the role of legal in a crisis management situation and what issues the law department will face internally and externally.

Antitrust laws cover many business activities in todays’ economy including pricing, marketing, licensing, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions as well as IP. It covers participation in trade related associations, and even social contacts between employees of competitors. Many companies doing business internationally face antitrust concerns and must be prepared for antitrust investigations from local regulators who are often more aggressive than in the past.

We provide wide ranging advice on all aspects of antitrust matters including investigations, international cartels, merger review, abuse of dominance and unfair trade practices. As part of our services we also provide antitrust training and counseling on anti-trust related compliance programs.

Compliance programs are formal policies and procedures developed or implemented by companies or other organizations to detect and prevent violations of law by employees and third parties as well as violations of corporate conduct and to promote an ethical business culture.

We assist companies by offering compliance audits, compliance training, drafting of compliance policies and procedures as well as compliance related investigations.  We also provide compliance related advice as well as FCPA review and counseling.

Legal risk management involves processes and procedures that control, manage and mitigate a corporation or organization’s legal exposure or legal risk. The processes can be preventive in nature such as training or implementation of compliance program. LRM processes take place in stages, normally prior to litigation but also take place during the claim stage or litigation stage.

By controlling and managing legal risk, an organization is able to control its future. Without adequate LRM processes, a company is exposed to claims, lawsuits, fines, and investigations. Therefore, it is imperative that an organization and its in house legal team understand that by controlling and managing legal risk, an organization is able to control its future.  Without adequate LRM processes, a company is exposed to claims, lawsuits, fines, and investigations.

We provide best-practice advice and counseling on all aspects of legal risk management including legal risk audits which encompass  legal risk identification, legal risk assessments, development and implementation of legal risk management processes and procedures including loss control programs  as well as  compliance review. We also provide advice on managing legal risk through insurance and other risk transfer and mitigation mechanisms.

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